I never thought I'd be baking a loaf of bread that is meant to be consumed onstage in front of a live audience as part of a surreal music/theater/electronics piece, but it's 2013, dammit, and that is exactly what I am doing in anticipation of tonight's SONAR season premiere.

Maybe while I'm at it I'll finally get around to making those cookies that have been spiking my mental blood sugar levels for the past few weeks.

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Here's a little word problem for you guys. (Remember those things from math class? They were always infuriatingly worded and posed nonsensical situations that would only improbably occur in everyday life.)

Q: How many times can Choo Choo play the Dies Irae movement of the Verdi Requiem before she stumbles home cross-eyed and knock-kneed and proceeds to stare slack-jawed at the Cardinals-Dodgers game for a full hour before she realizes that she is famished and should probably shove some sustenance into her face?

A: Seven. (Along with several iterations of the Sanctus and Libera me movements, because fugue it, why not? I am very sorry to have subjected to you that terrible pun, but that is the highest level of wit that I am capable of at the moment. I am truly, deeply sorry.)

Top of the ninth, Cards are up by 2, and a pile of greasy, delicious food will be delivered to my door any minute now. Calm down with the Day of Anger stuff, Verdi. This day ain't turning out to be so bad.

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After an insanely busy but musically fulfilling week, here I am with a few hours to kill, and I'm sitting on the couch browsing funny cat pictures while listening to Beethoven's Op. 127 string quartet, and I am crying quiet, unassuming tears because everything is just so beautiful and what is wrong with me, I am literally staring at a cat brandishing a cardboard sword and tears are streaming down my face, I feel like a bona fide institutionalized crazy person so I think that means it's time for a drink and a nap.

#Beethoven #Op127 #cats