Leave it to me to go for a run tonight in brisk sixty degree weather and get bitten - thrice - by what may very well be the last surviving mosquito of the summer. Not only is she a resilient gal, but apparently a picky eater too; most of me remained unscathed while she somehow burrowed into my sock and left three wee nibbles that form an isosceles right below my ankle.

I hope I was an adequate last meal for you, ya little sucker. I daresay it's unlikely you'll make it through the night.

Let us rejoice, for the season of unreasonably large gourds is upon us!

#mosquitos #fall #gourdseason

Why does everyone speed up in the piu sostenuto section of the G major Brahms violin sonata? Every single recording I've listened to, they piu the sostenuto for a couple bars and then when the triplets start they get themselves all in an inexplicable tizzy and all the king's horses and men couldn't rein 'em back after that.

So that happens, all the time, even fantastic violinists perpetuating this error, over and over until it's become common practice, instead of doing what's written: keep it sostenuto until several bars before the first theme, and then accel back into the recap. Makes so much more sense.

Not that anyone needed any more proof that Pam Frank is a goddess among mortals, but there you have it.

#Brahms #PamelaFrank

Off to the Turks and Caicos tomorrow! A final calm before the storm that is this coming year.