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Too much of a good thing

Even as the world crumbles around me, my week has been a good one, replete with friends and food and pool parties and getting lost on a hike while trampling through dense, thorny underbrush 'neath driving rain, and practicing and reading and shopping and bourbon and late nights and Netflix and catching up on sleep. It's so easy to grow complacent and impatient with this leisurely lifestyle as I try to battle the human nature of being dissatisfied with one's circumstances, whatever they may be. Even as I write this, I recognize that this post is positively Livejournalesque in terms of quality of content (re: angsty teen whining about nonexistent woes), but I'm going to stet it because dammit, this is my blog, and if my vapid writing prompts are the worst of my problems, I think I'm doing OK.

Now I think I'll take a bike ride down to a little bakery in Fells Point and while away the afternoon with coffee and a book.

#summer #sleepyhappy


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