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Hiatus from hiatus

Can it really even be called a hiatus after seven months of neglect? Are there any readers left? Were there ever any to begin with? Is this blog the equivalent of the proverbial tree falling in the forest? Hello, forest. I'm back.

Upon reopening this abandoned chronicle, I found a saved, unpublished draft from September about my adventures dog-sitting for my parents. It's been so long since I last posted that that dog has been gone (RIP Callie, you were a good dog even when you were a terrible dog) for going on five months. In the interim, life continues to vacillate between humdrum routine and wild, unpredictable change. The irony is, no one really points out how much humdrum routine is actually involved when trying to achieve wild, unpredictable change. Ah, the magical mundanity of bureaucracy.

Onward and upward! See you in another seven months.

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