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Mea culpa, Dear Reader

At least it wasn't quite as long as my last hiatus.

I've been a little busy! Since June, I have been to Iceland, the Czech Republic, France, Austria, San Jose, Atlanta, North Carolina, New York, Detroit, Maine, St. Louis, Hawaii, D.C., Norfolk, Richmond, China, San Francisco, Spokane, and Baltimore. I officially moved to Atlanta in September.

Frankly, I'm a little terrified. In Baltimore I had a built-in network of school and friends and colleagues. Finding work was easy. The living was easy. Everybody knew my name. Baltimore was my "Summertime" and "Cheers", since we're mixing aphorisms. So naturally I got bored with it and decided a change was in order.

So Michael Bae (get ready for a lot more where that came from, Internet) and I moved to an amazing high-rise in the heart of midtown with ridiculous skyline views and amenities up the wazoo. (Up? Out? Was always confused as to the direction of wazoo content emanation.) There have been consecutive days where, when I get busy with practicing, I don't even leave the building. The gym's upstairs, the free coffee machine is downstairs, and I trot merrily to and fro in my luxury hamster wheel, vacillating between learning a bunch of notes and despairing that I'll never find work again. Baeowulf* has been patient and supportive throughout, and we have never been closer.

Life is great. Truly. I'm only being half sarcastic. This shake-up was exactly what I needed to get me out of the unmotivated funk in which I'd been festering. My eternal grass-is-greener mentality will always try to sabotage me by convincing me that I made the wrong move. My early precocity and eagerness to please blossomed into a paralyzing perfectionist streak that prevented me from attempting anything unless I was certain to excel at it. Unfortunately, that meant that I simply didn't even try for fear of failure and rejection.

That ends now, hopefully. (Hey, we're making breakthroughs, but we still gotta be realistic.) I will do better. I will try harder. Starting with updating this blog more regularly, even if I'm the only person who reads it, which, judging by my Google Analytics page, is highly probable.

*Told you.

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